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Partner with us for expert advise on how to receive fair value on your property.

Lease Negotiation.

We can help you navigate the tricky and complex process of lease negotiations, working hand in hand with you towards realizing the best return on your asset. We will sit down with you to get clear understanding of your expectations and advise on fair market value terms for your media site.

Lease Review.

Whether you are in the process of re-negotiating your current lease agreement or simply require unbiased advise to make your lease work in your favour, we will consult with you to review the terms and identify possible weaknesses and opportunities for your greater benefit.

Lease Acquisition.

If you are interested in having full control of the advertising rights on your property, lease acquisition is a great way to achieve this goal. We will negotiate with the media owners on for a smooth transfer or buyout that makes sense to your individual goals.