Maximum return on property rent

We are proud to now include our latest international campaign done in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg for a client in Dubai on Incredible India and we are looking forward to many more.

Outdoor ventures

Property Owners

If you have a property that is situated in a prime location ( Not Residential Area ) that is commercial or business zoned and in a high traffic volume area talk to us.

We will arrange the most profitable options from potential media billboard owners and consult you on any lease agreements. We can manage and bill the billboard owner at a small monthly fee.

Talk to us for a free evaluation of the potential and market value of your site.

Process Flow

  1. Evaluate site’s marketing potential
  2. Develop billboard strategy
  3. Start earning income

Lease Consulting

Cellular mast and billboards agreements are complex and include not only technical and legal information but at most confusing as well.

Most landlord agreements are based on a percentage of income received from the media owner and the latter has at times costs that are deducted prior to determining the net amount.

This can seriously dilute your potential income and results in a less than market value of rental being received.

Regulatory and Council by-laws are part and parcel of outdoor in South Africa and you as a landlord could be held liable for some contraventions by the billboard owners if not properly covered in your lease agreement.

You might be stuck with an overpromising and under delivering media owner and tied to a lease that is difficult to terminate. Talk to us first before entering into any agreement.

We will provide you with independent advice and scrutinize your agreements for any loop holes as well as make sure that you receive market related income through our integrated billing systems. A monthly management fee will be levied and includes collection cost from billboard owners / companies.

“Assured independant and unbiased advice on getting the maximum return on your rental income.”

Lease Acquisition

The aim of our lease acquisition is to allow you as landlord of billboard / cell mast tower the opportunity to turn your lease into immediate cash in hand.

Media rentals are normally paid 45 days in arrears and differ monthly from campaign to campaign. Keeping track on what’s due to you as landlord and following up on payments can be tedious.

Media owners also only pay rental if the advertising site is in charge if sold – this can result that you as landlord not receiving any rental income if not sold or marketed by reputable media owners.

We will evaluate your lease and determine a market value and pay you a lump sum for the rights.

Prime location rights on busy highways can be valued as high as R 400 000 subject to the lease terms and conditions and location.

This transaction will furthermore not in any way compromise the integrity of your property or would hinder your ability to sell your property should you wish to do so in the future.

We will negotiate with the media owners on cession and transfer of rights and at no cost to you.

Unlock the value of your lease today!

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